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Why is Life Insurance Needed?

  • Life Insurance is now more essential than ever as the cost of living is rising sharply across all areas in the UK.

    House prices have increased by 1.3% in the last year and the average house price is now £235,000.

  • Sadly, over 23,600 parents who have children under the age of 18 pass away every year in the UK.

    Yet, over 50% of people of age don’t have life cover. Sounds crazy, right?

  • Don’t burden loved ones with debt.

    If you pass away, your loved ones could receive a lump sum to cover costs such as tax bills, funeral costs and even everyday purchases.

How Busy Bee Works

Protection Specialists

We work with many leading Insurers to find people the best cover at an affordable price.

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We find the best deals available for you and your family and our service is completely FREE!

No Nonsense

A fully trained financial protection adviser will explain your options in simple terms.

Life Insurance Benefits

  • According to Cancer Research UK, 1 in 2 people will suffer from cancer at some point in their lives.

    Critical Illness Cover could provide you with a lump sum of money or a monthly income if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness.

  • The average funeral burial cost is £4,417.

    Getting cover for your funeral costs will be one less thing for your family to worry about while they are grieving.

  • A family protection plan can provide enough money to pay for food, mortgage or rent, utility bills and child care.

    Family protection plans give you peace of mind in knowing your family can always live the life you intended them to.

  • The price of houses in the UK has increased 1.3% in the last year and the average house price is now £235,000.

    A mortgage protection plan could pay off your full mortgage in the event of you passing away.

The Busy Bee Story

Sadly, over ½ a million adults died in the UK last year.

Yet, over 50% of people of age don't have life protection.

Busy Bee was created to make it easy for busy people, just like you, to get life insurance.

Our jargon-free service helps to find the best policies for people, according to their unique needs and circumstances, for FREE!