Jasmine’s Story

Jasmine’s Story

Jasmine Barnett is an extremely positive mum of 2 boys -Harry and Sam- from West Yorkshire. Before being diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia (APML), she was also a self-employed child-minder who worked alongside her mum while training for the London Marathon.

Jasmine contacted Busy Bee in 2019 to help raise awareness about the importance of Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover through sharing her story with others. Not taking out protection is one of her biggest regrets in life. Having experienced the additional financial stress this causes, she would hate for anyone to end up in a similar situation.

Jasmine’s diagnosis

Jasmine’s diagnosis

Jasmine first visited her GP in January 2019, after experiencing joint pain and feeling constantly tired. But was quickly dismissed. She went to the doctors several times more until a month later when she finally had blood tests done for suspected Glandular Fever.

Jasmine’s persistence saved her life. She was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia (APML), an extremely aggressive and rare type of Leukaemia.

Within the first 12 hours of her diagnosis, Jasmine received 3 blood transfusions and her first round of chemotherapy. She would not have survived another week without the speed of the treatment process.

After her diagnosis, Jasmine spent a full month in the hospital where due to her low blood levels, she received over 35 blood transfusions.

In addition to this, she had to go back for in-patient days totalling up to 5 weeks worth of treatment. Jasmine has been classed as "in remission" since the end of her first lot of chemo, but she still had to endure 3 more rounds of chemotherapy.

For the next three years, Jasmine will need a Bone Marrow Biopsy every three months while still in remission, to ensure that everything is normal.

The financial impact of having Leukaemia

The financial impact of having Leukaemia

Jasmine had to give up her job as a result of her diagnosis and wasn’t entitled to any statutory sick pay because she was self-employed. So, sadly her husband had to go to work 6 hours after her diagnosis to pay the bills.

Since then, they've struggled to pay the mortgage off the house they had bought just 18 months before her diagnosis. It is predominantly thanks to fundraising pages and events, set up by clients and friends, that Jasmine and her family have been able to get by.

Help Jasmine

As Jasmine had no insurance in place, their family and friends set up a Just Giving Page to help soften the impact on the children by keeping them attending their usual activities.

Touched by Jasmine’s story, the Busy Bee Life Insurance Team and many others have already contributed, raising £3,085 to date.

Now we ask you to help Jasmine by following the link and donating. A small donation can go a long way: www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/teamjasminebarnett

Lots of love to the Barnett family from everyone here at Busy Bee Life Insurance!

If you have been affected by a life-changing event/condition and you wish to share your story, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or through the Busy Bee Life Insurance Facebook page.

Last update - October/2020