Non Medically Underwritten Policies

When applying for life insurance, you will likely be faced with a number of questions about your health and general wellbeing. It can sound a little daunting and even confusing, with many people who are looking for life insurance being put off by someone prying into their medical history. 

The truth is, insurance providers need some basic information to make a decision on how much your insurance should cost each month. This is usually based on how much of a risk you pose to the insurer.

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What is non-medical life insurance?

When applying for life insurance, you will be asked a number of simple questions about your lifestyle. This can include basic things like your gender, age, height and weight. It can also extend to your family medical history, such as if your parents have had any serious health problems, and whether you are a smoker.

These questions help to build a picture of your health and how likely it is you will fall ill or pass away. It certainly isn’t the most pleasant of processes, as thinking about serious illness and even death can be quite unsettling, especially if you have children.

If it turns out that you’ve had a previous illness or the insurer would like to understand more about your health, you may be asked to attend a medical examination with your doctor before you will be accepted for cover. However, if you are in good health, you will likely be able to continue without any further medical examinations; this is sometimes to referred to as non-medical insurance.

Understanding non-medically underwritten policies

All life insurance will require some form of medical underwriting; it usually comes from your medical history from your doctor or any hospital records. Non-medically underwritten policies means you will not need to give samples, measurements or more in-depth medical questions.

By answering the necessary medical questions, you can provide a wider picture of your health to the insurer. This means you will be able to access more accurate quotes for your cover.

Whatever your personal circumstances, life insurance can be life-changing for your family. At Busy Bee Life Insurance, we can help you find the right type of cover for your needs and ensure you have the right protection in place for your loved ones.

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